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Oh hi, friend! 👋🏼

CXL growth marketing review is right here!

 I'm Khushi Lunkad. I took CXL Institute's Growth Marketing Minidegree in 2020 when I was starting out my career in growth marketing. Since then, I have taken 60+ online courses including Reforge, Demand Curve, Copyhackers, etc. I've updated this post in 2023.

I want you to take 15-20 minutes to read through this review.


Send me a message on Linkedin or Twitter with any specific questions you have about CXL. If it’s education related, I’ll respond super quick :) If it’s growth marketing related and beyond the scope of CXL institute, I’ll be happy to help you get rolling. Just ask? 

First, read this overview review

I'll share what I liked about the program, what I didn't, and who it is for. CXL oversells the minidegree a bit, so I want to share that it isn't all roses and sunshine. Also, bigger companies think growth marketing is equal to performance marketing (paid ads on FB/IG) so that's also one hill to climb. 

Individual cxl reviews from yours truly

Next, dive into these lesson summaries, ad hoc

I have tried to aggressively condense the actual course content to share them with you. Almost everything that you would learn from Growth Marketing Minidegree by CXL is on this page.


It's free for you to use, forever :) Know exactly what you're going to be paying for. Refer to my notes anytime you need to.

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