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The weapons we choose is half the battle won. Here are some of the courses I've chain-smoked over the years!

✹ Reforge

Growth Series (117 lessons)

Growth Marketing (51 lessons)

Pricing and Monetization (87 lessons)

• Growth Leadership (36 lessons)

CXL Growth Marketing Minidegree (30 tracks, 93 hours)

Demand Curve by Julian Shapiro's Growth Program


altMBA by Seth Godin (80 hours)

Vexpower MMM (20+ courses)

Copyhackers: Email, Sales, Ads, Landing pages, Web

Chase Dimond's Email Marketing

Shiftnudge Interface Design

✹ Growth Design's Psychology Masterclass (in progress)

Neurofied: Brain and Behavior 

Programmatic SEO by Preetam Nath  

✹ Growthmentor

Andrew Foxwell for Facebook Ads

Social Savannah's TikTok Ads

✹ Customer Camp for User Research and Review Mining

Amanda Natvidad for Content Marketing 201 (Maven)

Common Thread Collective's ADmission

and more from Coursera, Hubspot, EDX, Google etc that I've sort of outgrown!

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