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The weapons we choose is half the battle won. Here are some of the growth courses I've chain-smoked over the years!

✹ Reforge

Growth Series (117 lessons)

Growth Marketing (51 lessons)

Pricing and Monetization (87 lessons)

• Growth Leadership (36 lessons)

• Product Led Growth (26 lessons)

CXL Growth Marketing Minidegree (30 tracks, 93 hours)

Demand Curve by Julian Shapiro's Growth Program


altMBA by Seth Godin (80 hours)

Vexpower MMM (20+ courses)

Copyhackers: Email, Sales, Ads, Landing pages, Web

Chase Dimond's Email Marketing

Shiftnudge Interface Design

✹ Growth Design's Psychology Masterclass (in progress)

Neurofied: Brain and Behavior 

Programmatic SEO by Preetam Nath  

✹ Growthmentor

Andrew Foxwell for Facebook Ads

Social Savannah's TikTok Ads

✹ Customer Camp for User Research and Review Mining

Amanda Natvidad for Content Marketing 201 (Maven)

Common Thread Collective's ADmission

✹ Foxwell Digital

and many more! I even created an interactive guide of all the courses/resources I use to learn. 

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