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Growthmentor Review. After paying for 15 months

Updated: 5 days ago

Hi! I'm Khushi.

I've paid for Growthmentor for nearly 15 months.

And I've had over 30ish calls so far

I got some nice feedback too.

I hope the above context helps shine some light, that I've really used the growthmentor platform.

Here's what I think of GrowthMentor and whether I will continue to pay for it:

There are a few alternatives out there for mentorship but most feel very dry and transactional. Growthmentor doesn't feel dry and transactional. That kind of atmosphere is tough to create but they've nailed it.

It's pricey! Especially if you don't use it. So, I usually have an on-and-off subscription. If I know, I'll need stuff in the future, I'll pay up.

It's not super easy to book mentors but still easier than cold outreach. I usually invest 30-40 minutes to book each call. This involves research (who do I talk to?), and pitching them to talk to me.

There's also a help request section. You put your help requests and mentors will apply to help you out. This worked better than my expectations

Hidden benefits of Growthmentor

Growthmentor introduced me to lots of people in the industry . So I'm not a small fish in a small pond.

Foti (founder) introduced to me to someone who was hiring when I was early in my career looking for jobs. I was able to stay in touch with this person even after I ended my subscription, and they introduced me to lots of new opportunities.

I've taken 60+ online courses but practical advice/feedback is invaluable. I also follow some really good blogs like Elena Verna's (worth subscribing to btw and every post is free for the first few weeks).

Today, whenever I have a problem I'm working on, I try to solicit feedback.

Try to discover what it is that I don't know. And why my work might suck.

It's working out really well!

Growthmentor Review

I think its money well spent. And I'll continue to pay for it.

Although, I will pause/and reactivate my subscription and as when I can actually make use of it.

My recommendation: Try for a month/or three. Give it your best shot. If it works for you, it can act as a huge catalyst in your career. If it doesn't, think of it as a bad investment and write it off.



So, I've had a ton of experience in and out of Growthmentor over the years.


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