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Consulting Services

Updated: Apr 30

There are three ways to work with me. Below are the listed consulting projects I can help with.

Status: I'm currently booked out for a few of them. For those, I keep a waitlist and would be happy to add you.



Workshop together on specific problems. Usually ranges for a few hours together. Brainstorms are free but subject to availability.


Audit your existing flows, mine insights, and create a growth strategy. These are intense deep dives with starting recommendations.

Testimonials sound like, "wow, we would've paid a lot more money for this".


Hands-on execution help for individual projects. The devil is usually in the details and Build ensures higher chances of success.


Please reach out to know more about the projects I can help with, work samples, and availability.

P.S  I know I need to put this in a proper page on the site vs a blog — will do that soonish.


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