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Hi, I'm Khushi Lunkad. I lead growth at Streamline, a PLG SaaS used by millions of users. I also help build the PLG motion at Churnkey

I joined Streamline as the first growth hire. Today, we are used by the majority of Fortune 100 companies and serve millions of users. The company is 100% bootstrapped, so I learned to ship with urgency and intensity. 


My skills are deep yet broad. They span across growth product & growth marketing. This gives me a unique advantage to work cross-functionally and run effective strategies. 

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Good things smart people have said about me 🤍

"As a Founder/ CEO and a former Head of Growth at a Fortune 500 company, I can say without a doubt that Khushi is one of the most impressive growth marketers that I've had the opportunity to work with."


- Employer for 14 months

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"I must say, you're probably one of the most creative marketers I've ever seen; this stuff is truly amazing!! I'd be generally up for a collab!"

"This is probably the best landing page hero on the internet"


- Two award winners, commenting on my work

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"You're a rockstar, Khushi!"
"Keep an eye on Khushi—she was already a fierce marketer and now with <redacted> she'll be unstoppable!”

- Katelyn Bourgoin | Founder of Customer Camp (200k followers)


"Khushi is one of the most driven and inquisitive growth practitioners I’ve worked with. She would be one of my top picks if I was assembling a growth team today."

- Hillary Miller | Senior Product Manager, Calendly ($3B) and previously Head of Growth at Whimsical ($600M)


"To me, Khushi is almost like the co-founder of the company. Her growth marketing strategies stand out as both pragmatic and smart."

- Vincent Le Moign | Streamline Founder 

"Khushi is the most creative marketer I know"

"5 Emerging Growth Marketers who are killing it at their job" ​


- Aazar Shad, Growth Marketing Leader (70k followers)

"You have a tremendous successful background already and you are on a trajectory of success and growth than most people aren’t on." ​


- Nick Lafferty | Loom, Head of Growth Marketing ($975M)

"Khushi seems to have 25 hours in a day" ​


- Director of Product Marketing EMEA  ($240B)


Recent on the blog 

31,000+ readers in last 12 months

Toption is read by folks around the world 🌍


Reforge 5 programs

✹ Neurofied for Psychology

altMBA for Leadership

Vexpower for Data

CXL for Growth Marketing

and 60+ more →

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