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Hi, I'm Khushi. I do growth &  marketing at Streamline, a PLG B2B SaaS serving creators.

I joined Streamline as the first growth hire and continue to lead our growth efforts today. We are used by the majority of Fortune 100 companies and serve millions of users. Streamline is 100% bootstrapped, so I learned to ship with urgency and intensity.

My work spans across growth product & growth marketing. Take a look at my portfolio!

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Good things smart people have said about me 🤍

"As a Founder/ CEO and a former Head of Growth at a Fortune 500 company, I can say without a doubt that Khushi is one of the most impressive growth marketers that I've had the opportunity to work with."


- Employer for 14 months

Fortune 500.png

"You're a rockstar, Khushi! I can't wait to watch your career journey. You're just getting started and I know you're destined for great things!" 

- Katelyn Bourgoin | Founder of Customer Camp


"You have a tremendous successful background already and you are on a trajectory of success and growth than most people aren’t on." ​


- Nick Lafferty | Loom, Head of Growth Marketing

"Khushi already delivered amazing results in just a few months. She is incredibly committed, smart, and always focused and what is best for the users and the company’s growth."

- Vincent Le Moign | Streamline Founder

"Khushi is the most creative marketer I know"

"5 Emerging Growth Marketers who are killing it at their job" ​


- Aazar Shad, Growth Marketing Leader

"Khushi seems to have 25 hours in a day" ​


- Director of Product Marketing EMEA 


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