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​Hi, I'm Khushi 👋🏽 I lead growth and marketing at Streamline. Or put simply - I help drive users & usage.

I graduated near top-of my class with a major in marketing from Symbiosis, Pune and Essec, Paris. Since then, I have worked with both big & small companies across the globe.

When I'm not working, I'm scratching my dog's back or being her sidekick. 

I hold a Black Belt in Karate, got trained as a professional magician, won interuniversity sports championships, before finally deciding that working from a desk 9 days a week was my calling. 🙈

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Good things smart people have said about me 🤍

"As a Founder/ CEO and a former Head of Growth at a Fortune 500 company, I can say without a doubt that Khushi is one of the most impressive growth marketers that I've had the opportunity to work with."

You're a rockstar, Khushi!  I can't wait to watch your career journey. You're just getting started and I know you're destined for great things 🙌

- Katelyn Bourgoin | Founder of Customer Camp (Mentor)

"You have a tremendous successful background already and you are on a trajectory of success and growth than most people aren’t on." ​


- Nick Lafferty | Loom, Head of Growth Marketing (Mentor)

"Khushi already delivered amazing results in just a few months. She is incredibly committed, smart, and always focused and what is best for the users and the company’s growth."

"Khushi is the most creative marketer I know"

"5 Emerging Growth Marketers who are killing it at their job" ​


- Aazar Shad, Growth Marketing Leader (mentor)


✹ Reforge 3 programs

CXL Growth Marketing

✹ Demand Curve

✹ Copyhackers

and 60+ more

Recent on the blog 

Templates because life's too short for DIY

Or if you're curious, this is what's on my to-learn list. Swipe it away, if you'd like. 

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