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May god show mercy on your competitors because I won't. 

I am a full-stack growth marketer committed to driving growth for DTC and SaaS companies. I graduated near top-of my class with a major in marketing and since then have worked with both big & small companies across the globe. 

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My Certifications

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Recent Small Wins
  • Recently completed Copyhacker's 10X Landing Pages course {1-page notes}

  • In the process of launching a database of cool marketing tools that are not commonly known. Completed market validation! Sign up.

  • I did an interview on and it's live! Check it out?

  • My touch typing speed hit 76 words per minute with a 100% accuracy. What an exceptional use of my time!

  • Built a new workstation and figured out a way to have 0% internet downtime. (The secret is 3 backup WiFi)

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Pune, India