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Sponsoring Newsletters

[This article is a WIP. I plan to sponsor newsletters and list down what I learn as I go]

The first one I sponsored lately was Elena Verna's newsletter. I learned about PLG from Elena, took most of her courses in Reforge, and followed her to her Growth Scoop newsletter.

How to improve your voluntary churn - Elena's Growth Scoop
Download PDF • 2.60MB

Writing is actually fun and engaging. Hers alongside Kyle Poyar's Growth Unhinged newsletters are the only ones I read often.

I think she and Jonathan on her team truly set the bar on what sponsorships could look like. They truly went above and beyond

There were a few things I liked:

First, they were able to match our topic with the topic of the newsletter. Second, we even got a featured image with the "Get your free churn reduction analysis".

Third, the post linked to another blog post of ours in the article itself.

They even honored a second CTA towards the end of the article.

My ask was this,

Khushi: Can we also have a link at the bottom of the newsletter? Sometimes, I'm so curious about the topic Elena writes about that I want to finish reading it, before I click on an ad. If it's towards the end, there's no other CTA that competes with it for attention. And people won't need to scroll back up.

If this list wasn't already enough, they even helped write a blurb for us and gave me feedback on the graphic when it didn't look quite good on the first try. My takeaway is to sponsor posts you already love when you're just starting out as a brand. Then, you can increase your brand awareness budget.

My final comments:

This partnership is as good as it can get! I could not have asked for anything better. Thank you <3

Our cost was $3000 for this post. If you'd like more metrics (click rate etc), I'm happy to share some more of those if you'd like to contact me.

[Next Post Sponsorship Will Be Updated Here]


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