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Good things smart people have said about me 🤍

"As a Founder/ CEO and a former Head of Growth at a Fortune 500 company, I can say without a doubt that Khushi is one of the most impressive growth marketers that I've had the opportunity to work with."

"Khushi joined our team this year and already delivered amazing results in just a few months. She is incredibly committed, smart, and always focused and what is best for the users and the company’s growth."

“One of the adages that my mentors has taught me is that a good CEO is someone who can surround himself with extraordinary profiles. I was fortunate enough to succeed in my mission by recruiting Khushi. She impressed me daily. Beyond being a "monster" of work, Khushi is an extremely friendly person, who never hesitates to be challenged and who by her very warm temper makes collaboration always easier.“

You're a rockstar, Khushi!  I can't wait to watch your career journey. You're just getting started and I know you're destined for great things 🙌

Katelyn Bourgoin (my mentor)

This one is from a potential customer :)

"Holy, these are awesome, finally twitter ad gave me something relevant"

"Khushi is the most creative marketer I know"

"5 Emerging Growth Marketers who are killing it at their job"

- Aazar Shad, Growth Marketing Leader (and my mentor)

"You have a tremendous successful background already and you are on a trajectory of success and growth than most people aren’t on."

- Nick Lafferty | Loom, Head of Growth Marketing (my mentor)

"The world needs more Khushis"

- Jessica Volbrecht, Growthmentor COO (commenting on something I did)

"It is not very often you come across someone such as Khushi. During our recruitment process, Khushi was our top-contender for the position. She was very warm, genuine and knows exactly what she wants to do and how to get there. Most importantly, she puts in the best possible effort to get the job done."

- From one of my very first CEO ♥

"Khushi is one of the most driven and inquisitive growth practitioners I’ve worked with. She would be one of my top picks if I was assembling a growth team today. "

- Hillary Miller | Senior Product Manager, Calendly (mentor)

Give me a shout. 


I'd love to meet, if you see something that resonates.

Testimonials I've received for my website 🤍

"I did a lot of research on different available resources for marketers and stumbled upon Khushi Lunkad's website that in my opinion is the best resource if you want to learn marketing and don't know where to start. This is beyond incredible! Fantastic job!"

Marcio Moerbeck, SVP of Growth Marketing and Marketing Professor at Miami Dade College

"Putting out high-value, ungated, comprehensive resources for people to self-educate, develop, grow and learn? I love it. Such a great resource you've built! I'm definitely going to explore and share to people I mentor looking for a bit extra to dive into 💛"

- Monique Olan, B2B Growth Marketing Leader & Fractional CMO

"I had to stop stealing time from my office hours to read your posts. You have just reignited my passion to learn more. "

"The design, the copy, the punch - this website kicks ass. I don't have much of a CTA here. Just looking forward to whatever you build next"

"Your quest for knowledge and helpful attitude inspired me a lot. Thank you for posting such useful content on your website."

"I was really impressed to learn about all the courses, and your passion for these subjects is truly contagious."

"I just came across your website and god you're awesome! I'm so inspired by your journey."

"I resonated with your passion for learning, mastering the craft, and giving 100% of what you can for an organization."

"You seem too good. As if you have hired a content writing/ PR team for yourself."

"I saw an incredible amount of value for free and I want more value that's why I subscribed (to your email list)."

"You've lit a fire in the damp, musty cellars of my imagination. Khushi,  you're like a walking can of Red Bull for my creativity."

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