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Brand positioning templates — from legendary marketers

Updated: Oct 28, 2023

Great marketing starts with great positioning.

Get 8 Product Positioning Framework Templates

Tip: Just use one or two frameworks and delete the rest.

Ok, so let me explain each framework in a sentence or two. This will help you quickly guage which framework is right for you.

Remember: you only need one or two frameworks. Trying to use all is like mixing apple pie and lasagne. No matter how much time you spend, it'll still end up terrible.

Perceptual Mapping Positioning Template

This is created by Philip Kotler. He's the father of modern marketing so this is a solid framework for brand positioning map.

Storybrand Template

This is inspired by how film makers tell stories. It's pretty popular, and is relatively easy to use. Your product isn't the hero of the story, the customer is.

April Dunford's 'Obviously Awesome' Positioning Template

April Dunford wrote a book which I consider to be a modern version of the legendary book "Positioning: The Battle for Your Mind", written by Jack Trout.

While Jack Trout's book is considered 'The Bible' in the ad world, it still lacks some actionable items. April Dunford does a good job at bridging that gap with her book, and she has positioned more tech companies than anyone else.

Keller's Brand Equity Model (CBBE Model) Template

Another framework taught in marketing schools. You won't find this unless you have majored in marketing. This comes from my rather fat text book from uni days. If you want to learn it, I suggest looking up 'brand equity' model.

Positioning Strategy Template (3Cs and Types)

These two frameworks were taught to me when I was majoring in marketing. It'll help narrow down how you compete. So, it's a level higher up than hardcore positioning.

12 Brand Archetypes Template

If you want to figure out what's your brand personality, the brand archetype framework is a solid start.

It's the most complex of the personality-type positioning templates though. There are easier ones available if you google 'brand personality templates'.

1. To choose your brand archetype, work inside out.

2. Choose which of the four quadrants your vision and mission lie under.

3. Then, choose one of the three in that quadrant.

🚨 A brand can have more than one personalities but avoid more than 3.

Brand Positioning Matrix Template

I really haven't heard this one before but I saw another brand do this and decided to just add it to my endlessly long list. This is a partial template.

Use these positioning templates in powerpoint

Use these gorgeous product positioning framework templates in Powerpoint if you don't know Figma?

1. Duplicate Figma File. If you don't have a account, you'll have to create a free one.

2. Just edit in Figma directly. Change the text. It's easy

3. Select the framework

4. When done, right click on any framework and copy.

5. Paste as PNG in Powerpont

Thank you for reading!





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