Mocking up a tagline for Vistara

Vistara Airlines

USP: Great flying experience, brand new flights, in-flight free meals from Taj (7-star hotel), In partnership with Singapore airlines, great customer service.

Current tagline: Fly the new feeling

The current tagline doesn't really say much. It's vague and unmemorable. Humans resist change in general - why convince someone to try something new that they may not like? A terrible flying experience could also mean 'new feeling'. Communication needs to be precise and clear especially when the stakes are so *high*

Proposed tagline: [Fly] Premium without the premium

Vistara is a premium airline carrier but their prices are almost as low as the low-price carrier in India. If you had one chance to capture someone's attention - you make them an offer they can't refuse.

BMW's tagline is "Sheer driving pleasure" - directly translating to their unique positioning.

FedEx' is "Absolutely, positively overnight"

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