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What religion, terrorism and veganism have in common?

Updated: Nov 6, 2022

Tribalism builds the the best marketers and community builders.

Most of religion, terrorism, veganism and politics is great marketing.

You sell a vision.

  1. Religion gives you better values and a guiding way to live life.

  2. Terrorism lets you believe that you are changing the world for the better.

  3. Veganism lets you believe you have the power to leave the world better than you found it.

  4. Politics helps you see that your future can be a lot better at the press of a button [ballot].

If you ever need marketing inspiration, look beyond your competitors or products catering to your industry/target audience.

Changing people's behaviors is one of the hardest things to do so look for tribes that push the limits. This is where the real innovation happens.

In India, religions are able to migrate someone off of one religion to another usually for money or love [if you do inter-caste marriage].

Terrorist organizations find weaknesses to leverage. Sleeper cells have a degree of hate for their country and terrorist organizations give them a way to act on it.

Veganism brings people in by unveiling the reality of the animal industry. You could potentially swipe this tactic if your product's alternatives have hidden costs that people don't know about. In Philippines, for example, a cheap face cream has carcinogenic products but people aren't aware of the downsides.

For B2B products, maybe you provide a faster SLA time than competitors.

Arelcon RMC, an Indian ready-mix supplier provides on-time delivery and is a more premium solution in the market. The challenge they face is that the purchasing manager doesn't realize how many man-hours are lost with delays or with damage-control work that their team has to do after using poor quality concrete.

If you're interested in how to affect consumer behavior with offensive humor, check out Elwood Dog Meat. It's pretty genius.

Political marketing is pretty impressive too. We even share the word 'campaigns' with them.

Tribes are where innovation in marketing happens. Whether that is anti-vax communites or holding Gamestock shares. Anything out of the ordinary requires changing consumer behavior. People who are able to do this are the best marketers imo.

Enjoy and don't be a marketer people hate.

- K


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