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How Lyft piggybacked to launch in 24 markets in a single day

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

Lyft is an on-demand ride-sharing startup.

Like Uber, if that exists where you live.

Drivers onboarding other drivers (+)

Early in the process, they micromanaged market launches. A Lyft staff member interviewed all drivers. This was good for the first few markets, but it meant their ability to launch new markets was slow and constrained.

Then they launched a ⭐ ‘mentoring’ ⭐ process, which allowed drivers to train newly onboarded drivers, through the Lyft Driver App itself—the trainee’s first ‘ping’ would be the mentor requesting to train them, and they’d go through a ride-esque experience to meet up with them.

This allowed them to launch 24 markets in a single day, in one fell swoop, something that would have been unimaginable months earlier.

Quality might take a hit, as a tradeoff (-)

Like the Ride Share Guy pointed out, "it seems like most mentors are more concerned with rushing through the session than doing a great job", it's hard to scale while keeping quality consistent. That's a tradeoff to account for with this method of piggybacking.

Piggybacking Takeaway 🐷 You don't need external sources to piggyback. Sometimes they exist within your company. If you have a marketplace, you can use your own marketplace to piggyback. If it's not a marketplace, you can piggyback on your employees like Gmail did. Piggybacking on marketplaces may not always be defensible, or easy to manage.

I appreciate the read. Curious to hear what you think in the comments below or anywhere else you'd feel comfortable sharing.


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Source: Facts come from Lenny's Newsletter. Opinions are my own. I don't do a lot of research since I'm just trying to match patterns about piggybacking as a concept, so I may have drawn incorrect conclusions.


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