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Piggybacking on a fruit? 🥭

Updated: May 3, 2023

Growing your following as a food blogger

Hi! This post is about @shereshe. She creates food videos. It's one of my favorite Instagram accounts.

She created a series and ate her way through the alphabet in India

She piggybacks off of the most popular cuisines of India. Wraps it in a series format since there are 26 alphabets.

And it got really popular.

Indians would watch because there's of the curiosity gap, even if what she shares could be obvious, people would still watch. She shares history and culture — things even I don't know — and exceeds expectations.

Tourists would be interested because this creates somewhat of a guided travel.

I don't think that she's re-inventing the wheel. She isn't creating each recipe on her own, or trying to find interesting restaurants.


She's just taking what works well, and resonates with an audience.

She's piggybacking off of the popularity of the Alphonso Mango.

A fruit's popularity.

Wrapping it up in a series so it increases retention and creates a habit loop.

Pretty clever.

Always find a horse to ride. Never market alone.




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