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How I created landing pages like and Canva using Framer CMS

Updated: May 15


  1. Good landing pages examples

  2. My test with Framer

  3. Framer CMS tutorial (text-based)

  4. Framer CMS tutorial (video-based)


SEO landing pages are better than blogs

Veed has these landing pages that drive more traffic than all of its blog posts combined.

See the traffic on SEMRush. 168k monthly visitors just from a handful of pages.

SmallPDF also has similar landing pages.

And each of these pages bring in millions of visits each month. Look at /edit-pdf driving 1.8M monthly visits!

These landing pages are fairly simple to create compared compared to blog posts. I was able to create 20 of these in a few hours.

Veed has a simple CTA that directs people to the main product. Veed also uses deeplinks to improve the UX and ranking.

SmallPDF has an embed right within the landing page that people can interact with.


My successful test with Framer

I launched a quick and dirty test and let it simmer. It was something I did without a developer or a designer.

Even with hardly any effort or any real optimization, you can see that it's growing in the right direction. It's also bringing paid conversions.


A Framer tutorial for marketers

Framer is a real competitive advantage so I created a little tutorial guide below if you wanted to check it out.

I re-created Veed's landing page in Framer but you'd just have to copy/paste your Figma components in Framer. It's easier than you think.