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Reforge AI Prompts

Updated: Apr 18

Hi, I'm Khushi! And this is how I use Reforge AI for work.

Warming up the AI leads to better results

If you wish to ask questions like:

"What are the types of monetization strategies a company like Streamline can use?"

Try asking something like this first:

"What are some monetization challenges Streamline could face?"

If your goal is to find solutions, have Reforge AI align on problems first.


Ask for tactical advice to move beyond the strategy

AI can end up being too strategic at times. You might want to probe it for more tactical tips.

"Streamline already offers a generous free tier. How can I prevent it from cannibalizing sales for the premium product? List some ideas and pros and cons of each. If you can pull examples from Reforge's curriculum or the live case study videos, that'd be great!"

Another prompt that I use at times, is this:

"Can you give me some tactical ideas of what I can try and test out? Less strategy. More actionable inspiration."


Other prompts ideas

Every prompt must go through a warmup period. Otherwise, the responses are too strategic and obvious.

For OKRs

"I'm tasked to write OKRs to own the marketing and PLG department for a sales-led business......some more back and forth..... What should they be?"

For Benchmarks:

I prefer to use benchmarks from Reforge vs use Google.

"What are the benchmarks for conversion rate for an ungated product with a free trial and a free product?"

"What factors influence conversion rates most?"

For Roadmap Planning:

"What are some projects growth engineers on my team should work on next? I'm trying to build our roadmap? Please share some ideas for projects."

"Great, write more."

Dealing with strange results

If Reforge doesn't have relevant content for that topic, then it isn't very helpful.

For stuff you can google, I find it helpful to use ChatGPT/Claude more than Reforge.

Generic questions I asked lead to average responses.

What is buyer journey mapping and why is it important?
What are some questions to ask during a buyer journey process?

Full coverage content

For content that Reforge has in its curriculum, the replies are very thorough. You'll start seeing the result of it in your questions. I find talking about adjacent topics helpful.

Example 1:

How to design cancellation flows?
How to analyze cancellation metrics?
Are there any metrics for cancellation flows?
List the metrics and the formulas.

Example 2:

"I have an infrequent product where users set it once and forget about it while it continues to offer ROI in the background. What are some challenges products like this can face?"

"How can I add more frequent use cases for a product like Churnkey? Churnkey is a retention automation platform for high-volume subscription businesses. On average our customers retain 20-to-40% of subscription revenue they would have otherwise lost to churn. It reduce voluntary customer cancellations as well as involuntary churn due to credit card processing failures."


Client 1: "We’ve been very impressed with what you accomplished in just one month!" -> Offer extended

Made an 80 slide long PLG deck, which was in depth with zero fluff. And extremely tailored to their use case.

Client 2: "You've really nailed our product"

Client 3: Is pretty happy too! Got a promotion!

.. and so on!

Final thoughts

Previously, I left jobs to take up the courses. Whatever Reforge said, it took me 10x longer to apply. I had anxiety and fomo for not being able to complete as many courses as I wanted to. I honestly like the feature to bridge gaps. I would bother the EIRs and email them for help. Now I don’t do that, thank god.




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