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Piggybacking your way into the tough music industry and earning 5.5 million followers

Music is a hard career path. So how do you market yourself?

How to grow a music career?

Henry Moodie is a musician and a lyricist.

The way he uses social is radically unique in comparison to other musicians who rely mostly on their talent.

Henry doesn't do that. Instead, he takes popular songs, changes the lyrics to match 2022's internet culture and asks people to tag/share.

Henry Moodie's strategies

  1. Piggybacking off of popular songs - feeds the algorithm and uses their brand authority to build his own reputation

  2. Changing the lyrics - surprises and delights users + is a cover demonstrating his talent.

  3. Keeping captions short - one sentence usually with a clear CTA to ask people to follow, remix or tag their friends.

And it's clearly working for him.

Tiktok growth for Henry Moodie

Tiktok growth for Henry Moodie

What about non-piggybacked stuff?

For original content, the call to actions are even stronger. His songs themselves are very shareworthy.

See this one:

Henry could've written songs about heartbreaks, romance, life, etc but he chose to write an original song about friends. Most people have more friends than they have lovers/exes so the market share is a lot larger. You're more likely to send a piece of content to a friend than to someone else. 😉

When to piggyback?

So Bira, an indian beer brand started out as a challenger brand. The way they acquired market share quickly was to ride the 'hip hop' culture wave that took India by storm.

You cannot always ride an existing culture wave.

So, this is an alternative strategy to piggyback off of other older things. You have more control on the timing and the flexibility to think through things.

Piggybacking is one of the best ways to grow a business. It's lazy, profitable, and scalable.

Piggybacking in SaaS

Wynter rides on the popularity of other marketing tools that its target audience is known to use.

Wynter started out with one test and then made the "Do you even resonate" into an entire series because it was the best way they could showcase their product without being repetitive.

Have another idea or example?

Drop them in the comments below!



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