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The only right answer to "Check your inbox and confirm your email"

Updated: Nov 25, 2023

How to lose a user in 10 seconds or maybe not?

💥 User state 1: Aw dang, I have to check my inbox.

And almost every company uses this in some form or another.

💥User state 2: Holy wow, this email auto-magically opens up

I don't have to see my other emails and get lost in it. Nice filters.

It's also a good use of the my overall user psych.

😢 I'm disappointed that I have to login with my Gmail.

😅 There's an open in Gmail button.

🤭 It opens up in the correct inbox. I have 9 email addresses.

🤩 It made the search for me, so I don't have to.

All it took was 3 clicks. That's it!

I've seen another variation of this without the newer_than:1hr filter which shows you all emails from the same sender.

The Gmail button appears only if the user has a Gmail address.

I'm assuming the folks at Growth Design ran my my email through MXToolbox (or something similar) to determine the hostname from my domain name to make that journey one step less.

Btw, I'm trying to better understand who my audience is. If you've got ten minutes, I would love to do a user research call:


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