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Non-obvious referral marketing

Lately, I've been thinking that you don't have to market too hard to win wars.

You just need some fuel to start the racecar. Your seed distribution strategy.

And then a solid referral strategy / PLG growth loop on the top of it should work.

I want to share a few unique referral marketing examples I loved to study. I see so many SaaS products all the time that I wanted to explore other fields.

Referral marketing examples

This bag of chips has a call to action to share to share with a friend

When Dunzo drivers are on the road to deliver everyday groceries for a customer, more potential customers see Dunzo and are reminded of the service. It was also a successful way of entry into a new market for Dunzo.

Defending your referral strategy:

The execs at Apple refused to extend iMessage to Android users because parents would stop buying Apple phones if they could text their kids on Android via iMessage. Here's a leaked email.

Google literally relies on referral marketing on all their products. Even the largest company in the world knows that referral marketing is the best way to grow.

Google photos has shared albums and daily spotlights highlighting a friend/family member that you are encouraged to share. Their entire UI design is to get you to share.

I'm going to add to this list as time passes to serve as a swipe file for me to get inspired by.

Thanks for reading, and leave me a comment below if you feel like it!