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Duolingo's onboarding in a comic style.

Updated: 7 days ago

Duolingo's onboarding with a fun twist.

I work as a growth lead, and my work is a venn diagram between design, growth, and marketing. This leaves me in a very unique position to balance acquisition needs, design decisions, and retention tradeoffs. 🥵

App Install Page

Duolingo App Install Page

Splash Screen

Delayed Sign Up Screen

Onboarding: What's your goal?

Onboarding: Loading Screen

Onboarding: Attribution Question

Onboarding: Why do you have a goal?

Onboarding: Summarize benefits

Onboarding: Setup habit loop

Onboarding: Allow Notifications

Onboarding: Segment power users

Onboarding: Social proof

Onboarding: Launch product

Onboarding: Ask for email

Thanks for reading! I plan to write more cases and would love a favor.

Btw, I'm trying to better understand who my audience is. If you've got ten minutes, I would love to do a user research call:


Khushi Lunkad


Resources used to create this:

Pageflows (screenshots), (comic style), Neurofied (biases)


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