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Small bug reporting startup is making big moves with growth loops 🍓

If the SaaS community ever did a Spotify Wrapped...

Reporting bugs isn't included in anyone's OKRs...

Bugs were the bane of my existence...

It's worse for startups without a dedicated QA person. As a marketer, I dog-food our product a whole lot than other team members and have attained the unholy lifetime achievement of the best bug hunter. Not willfully, I might add.

Until the day I saw a twitter ad promoting Jam...

Which is a linear channel than feeds into Jam's growth loop.

Their homepage was delightful to see...

Cute annotations and really good copy! I wonder who wrote and designed?

And a really intuitive, helpful product overall...

Jam is honestly product-led.

The Jam Dashboard has 'Copy Link' as the primary action on hover (see first image)

And copy link is shown as the primary call to action yet again when I open any jam video.

Driving habit and retention by piggybacking

They encourage you to connect Jam to the tools you use everyday.

The integration helps build habit loop and piggyback on products that have better retention than Jam might.

Invite your colleagues but not during the onboarding

Jam's comment section covers half the screen.

I think they could make this even better if I could send an invite directly from Jam. Imagine if all I had to do was tag for my colleagues?

Jam's Growth Loops

Until I'm corrected by someone else...

I think Jam's making all the right product moves.

Like a small boat in the ocean, it's sending big waves in motion! 🎵

Or not. Up to you!

Thank you for reading!

Best, Khushi

(My mom thinks I need a hobby other than marketing and she is right.)



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