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Tiktok Onboarding

Annotated screenshots with growth design tips

App Install Page

App install page has social proof + just the name of the product.

Splash Screen

A splash screen reinforces that I’m in the right place + improves brand recall (even if only for a second)

Guide overlay

They don’t ask for emails. This ✨ ungated product experience ✨ gets the user to value asap.

Guide overlay

When a video ends, Tiktok suggests users to swipe. This is a well-timed nudge prompt to take core action. Moves people from Systems 2 thinking to Systems 1. Bringing familiarity, commitment and consistency in the process.

Sign up

By waiting to show this prompt, Tiktok now has a value prop. “See more content”.

Enter birthday

Asks for age for legal reasons and addresses a common hesitation that birthday won’t be public. You’ll notice there’s no motivation on this screen. And that’s ok! Not every screen needs to motivate.

Sign up with phone

Auto-detects location and starts with a blinking cursor. Less friction! Although, they should've maybe asked for the age after the sign up screen?

Sign up with email

Newsletter opt-in is opted out by default. I like that iOS shows the etc by default. An auto-complete is super helpful.

Confirm you're human

This is a pretty easy confirm your human screen. If you want to protect against bots, adding good friction is a cool idea.

Set password

Give upfront information on rules. Gives instant real-time feedback on what you completed.

Enable contact access

Asking for contacts is an important part of Tiktok’s viral growth loop

Invite friends (primer)

And after a few more videos, it encourages you connect with friends. There’s no way you can say “No”. That’s the power of valid defaults.

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