The growth marketer way to launch a company - 9 steps + tools


I am Khushi, a growth marketer aka a data-driven marketer. This guidebook will give you a marketing process to work with while launching a company. I'll also refer to a few amazing tools that you can use.

  1. Identify the problem that you are trying to solve. Use a Business Model Canvas to do so. This is the original template to follow.

  2. Find your target users and map their persons using this template. If you don't have any users at the moment, map yourself as the ideal user - who are you and why did you come up with this product. If you already have a few users then use survey tools to find out what their goals and frustrations are. The best survey tools are for identifying heatmaps, for user research and to find the similar users.

  3. Work on your value proposition and differentiation strategy. Read this famous book by Jack Trout called Differentiate or Die and another book called Positioning. Do some competitive research to find who your competitors are. You can use an excel sheet to put together if there are lots of customers that you need to sieve through or use Porter's and SWOT analysis to work your way through an oligopolistic market.

  4. Create a prototype and test it. You shouldn't create a fully-fledged project until you've tested if the prototype works. Use Balsamiq/Powerpoint/Keynote to create wireframes and mockups. Test it using

  5. Reiterate your prototype using closed or open card sorting to know if the information is being placed correctly. Users decide within the first 8 seconds if a page is valuable to them or not. Making sure every sub-title is correctly arranged can be done using open/closed card sorting. Give users a max of 30 cards for open sort.

  6. Steal your competitor's tech game: Use to find which technologies your competitors are using and use a DataLayer extension like Adswerve to find what are they tracking on tag manager.

  7. Steal your competitors' customers: Use slintel or any other data provider that can tell you who your competitors' customers are, which ones recently dropped their plans etc. You can also visit or to find customers who are unhappy with your competitor. Find their email address using and personalise a cold outreach email to them. If you want to scale this, you can use google alerts to find brand mentions or any other paid tool that identifies mentions of a particular keyword. Brands24 will do a comprehensive sentiment analysis. Export the data into or its alternative and send a cold personalised outreach message using Send me a message if you want alternatives for any of these.

  8. Nice! You have your first users. Turn them into evangelists. Use CRO techniques to place the referral code at the ideal location. There are several ways to optimise the referral stage of the funnel. I'll be posting about them soon but you can always check out CXL institute for a really solid CRO training.

  9. Your content management strategy should go on side by side. SEO and SMM are free strategies to adopt first. SEO starts first. Depending on the channels you wish to prioritise, you can sign up for the tools.

  10. Google/Bing/Amazon: Ahrefs

  11. Youtube: vidiQ and TubeBuddy

  12. Quora: Q-stat

  13. Facebook and Twitter have good analytics but here are some options: Buzzsumo, Brandwatch, and Brandseye are interesting ones to check out.

Feel free to stop reading because I'm just going to rant about growth marketing in the next section :)

Phew, that was a long list to follow but at least you have some amazing tools to work with along the way and take the guesswork out of marketing. Sure, you need to read the traditional Philip Kotler style marketing books for 'best practices' and to shape your perspective. But growth marketing brings along a whole new level playing field for everyone. You get to use ridiculously smart tech tools to drive revenue. Marketing is a really crowded space and my goal is to create a process than anyone can follow. Growth marketing is scarier and more real. While the immediate feedback can release dopamine and motivate you, the failure is more real. You can see things not working right from the next hour, something you wouldn't face in traditional marketing. Growth marketers also need to be on top of everything all the time. We can automate the process and set up alerts but everything that is tracked and measured is acted upon. We need to master several tools and marry perspectives from traditional marketing such as semantic differential rating to scroll depth in pixels. I love it.

Growth marketing is like cheating on traditional marketing. It's impossible for any company to be a market leader if their competitor has a solid growth marketer on their team. The data on your customers is far beyond the usual persona mapping or customer journey. If I have artificial intelligence to segment my customers, and a neat tool to slice and dice my data any way I want; if I have the option to personalise the customer journey for every single user and if I have the luxury to know what are the most important things for my customers, then I have it all.

I'm super active on Linkedin and it's usual to see digital marketers complain about the quality of courses out there. I beg to differ. I audited hundreds of courses and got certified in dozens. I tried free and paid courses and here are the really good ones that I found.

  1. Hubspot Inbound Marketing: watch at 2x; good introduction

  2. CXL: watch at 1.25x, take notes, 90% passing rate is no joke.

  3. Datacamp: for marketing segmentation and cluster analysis.

  4. Michigan University's negotiation course

  5. Google's official courses: Not recommended. They aren't worth the time we spend.

There are some other books/blogs that I recommend for growth marketers:

  1. All books by Jack Trout should find their way into your library.

  2. Julian Shapiro's guide books

  3. Backlinko for your SEO needs: it's a pretty site.

  4. *going to check my phone for more stuff

  5. Steve Krug's Don't Make Me Think for web designs.

Got any questions? I respond to each and every one. Comment below!

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