The Ultimate Review | CXL Growth Marketing

My honest experience, review and summary of CXL institute's growth marketing mini degree

I have tried to aggressively condense the actual course content to share them with you. Almost everything that you would learn from Growth vs Traditional Marketing course by CXL is on this page. It's free for you to use, forever :)

Know exactly what you're going to be paying for.

Refer to my notes anytime you need to.

If you want to read a critical review of the minidegree, this article details the pros, cons and alternatives to CXL.

ConversionXL Growth Marketing Review

Track 1: Growth marketing foundations (Total time ~2h)

  1. Growth mindset: growth versus traditional marketing: Review Summary

  2. Building a growth process: Review Summary

  3. User-centric marketing: Review Summary

  4. Identifying and amplifying growth channels: Review Summary

Track 2: Running growth experiments (Total time ~12.5h)

  1. Research and testing: Review Summary

  2. Conversion research

  3. A/B testing mastery

  4. Statistics fundamentals for A/B testing

Track 3: Data and analytics (Total time ~28.5h)

  1. Google Analytics for beginners: Review Summary

  2. Intermediate Google Analytics

  3. Google Tag Manager for beginners

  4. Attribution

  5. Excel and Sheets for Marketers

Track 4: Conversion (Total time ~15h)

  1. Landing page optimization: Review Summary

  2. Product messaging

Track 5: Channel-specific growth skills (Total time ~28h)

  1. Email marketing:

  2. Messaging strategy in public relations

  3. Facebook Ads:

  4. Google Ads: Review Summary

  5. Content strategy and SEO for lead generation:

  6. Retention:

  7. Maximising audiences for your PPC campaign

  8. SEO driven editorial calendar: Review Summary

  9. Linkedin advertising: Review Summary

  10. YouTube ads: Review Summary

  11. Technical SEO: Review Summary

  12. Data-driven influencer marketing: Review Summary

  13. Account based marketing

Track 6: Growth program management (Total time ~2h)

  1. GrowthMaster training workshop

  2. Optimizing your growth process

Track 7: Management (Total time ~11h)

  1. Optimizing your marketing tech stack

  2. Marketing strategy

  3. Project management for marketers: Review Summary

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