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Aazar Shad

Streamline and Toption

Aazar Shad

Streamline and Toption


SaaS, Apps, Ecomm


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#1 on HN, PH, and Figma. 

Streamline hit the front page on HackerNews. Secured the #1 Product of the Day and #2 Product of the Week. 

I got Figma to tweet and post on IG about Streamline, driving tens of thousands of visitors to our site.


After decoding how Figma search works, we hit the Figma trending pages more than a dozen times. 

Virality that wasn't a co-incidence. 


Psychology ✹ Emails ✹ CRO ✹ SEO ✹ Copy ✹ Analytics ✹ Research 


"As a Founder/ CEO and a former Head of Growth at a Fortune 500 company, I can say without a doubt that Khushi is one of the most impressive growth marketers that I've had the opportunity to work with."

"Khushi joined our team this year and already delivered amazing results in just a few months. She is incredibly committed, smart, and always focused and what is best for the users and the company’s growth."

“Beyond being a "monster" of work, Khushi is an extremely friendly person, who never hesitates to be challenged and who by her very warm temper makes collaboration always easier.“

You're a rockstar, Khushi!  I can't wait to watch your career journey. You're just getting started and I know you're destined for great things 🙌

Katelyn Bourgoin

This one is from a potential customer :)

"Holy, these are awesome, finally twitter ad gave me something relevant"

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